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A real pain

She called from the doctor’s office and asked me do i want an interview with the nurse.

No, i told her. I do not want an interview with the nurse.

She said i have to have the interview with the nurse so i said ok fine. i also said, in case she didn’t know, i already met with the physician’s assistant, and i’ve been reading all the materials she provided, so do i still need this interview? is it a must?

She said yes, it is a must. Can i put you down for 2:00?

I said, ok fine.

She said tell me your number so the nurse will have the right number to call at 2:00. I had to mumble through a couple digits i wasn’t sure about. I wasn’t worried, though, since i knew she knew my number. She dialled it just fine to ask me did i want an interview. Which i did not.

She repeated the numbers back to me just fine.

i still don’ t know why she asked me did i want an interview with the nurse. This was not a choice, it was a must. And this whole colonoscopy thing is a real pain in the ass.


3 responses to “A real pain”

  1. You might not believe me when I say this but I was literally going to text you to tell you THAT YOU SHOULD WRITE A BLOG ABOUT THIS WICKED NOT FUN EXPERIENCE. AND I OPEN MY EMAIL AND THERE IT IS. YOU ARE A GENIUS.

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